24/7 (still life)

July 24 - August 30, 2014

Opening Reception
Thursday July 24 7-9pm

Siri Kaur Hornet's Nest
Katie Shapiro Filter Quartz
Heather Rasmussen Untitled (Zucchini and yellow chair on table)
Vincent Ramos Tinguely via Sidonie
Lisa Ohlweiler
Karolina KarlicStrawberries on White Satin Sheet, Wrocław, Poland
Kate Johnson
Tricia Lawless Murray Queen of HeartsCourtesy of Jancar Gallery
Carly Steward Rodin Cut 6
Ruth Van Beek Untitled (Artefacten)
David Weldzius Action Restricted

11 emerging and mid- career artists are featured in the second half of our summer show 24/7 (still life) remix

Our continuous access to images and the reproduction of those images has helped to aid and revise the definition of /and what a still life can be.   In the last part of the 20th Century and early 21st Century, the genre has reached beyond the structure of what was once regarded by the art world as the “lowest genre” and moved into an exciting and more thought provoking realm.

24/7 (still life) is a re-imaging of the older structure that dealt heavily with the surface appearance of things.  Much of the work in this show is not given over to the former ideal of beauty but instead informed by conceptually driven ideas.

Kate Johnson
Siri Kaur
Karolina Karlic
Tricia Lawless Murray
Lisa Ohlweiler
Vincent Ramos
Heather Rasmussen
Katie Shapiro
Carly Steward
Ruth Van Beek
David Weldzius

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