2Carly Steward, Pages 144 and 145, 2014

Cohen Gallery is pleased to announce Removing the Interior Part of the Core, photo-based works by Carly Steward, January 8 - February 14, 2015.  The opening reception for the artist will be Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 7pm - 9pm.
Since completing her Masters of Fine Arts at CalArts, Carly Steward’s work has focused on articulating aspects of sculpture – among them the play that exists between sculpture and its support. In this exhibition, all of her sculptural concerns congeal into a compressed amalgamation of two-dimensional sculptural forms. In Steward’s work, historical reference gives way to a re-imagined present and a construct of forms that reignite visual perception.

Steward’s process begins with a published artist book – large printed pages of sculptures from the annals of art history. Then an image is chosen to be removed and physically cut out of the book – revealing the next layer of images that exists on the following page.  At this point it is decided whether or not the layer that succeeds the extracted image should remain or be extracted as well. This can go on for many pages of the book, creating a physically thick compilation of images that reveal parts of other sculptures, paintings, drawings or backgrounds.  Page after page, sculptures are peeled away from their environs in order to create a new form: one defined by an alien texture, defined by chance.  The new form is synthesized from fragments of other subjects, made whole within the frame of the top page. The new object is then re-photographed and presented as a 2-D image.

Through this process of extraction and elimination Steward is able to compile the contrasting elements, time periods, and materials that exist within one artist’s body of work, just as each image testifies to the diversity in Steward’s artistic ability. Considering the limitations in this process, and the welcoming of chance, Carly Steward’s accomplishments within these means is no small feat. Any sense of the simplicity of this process is betrayed by the complexity of each scene. Removing the interior part of the core reveals that Steward is an artist with aesthetic precision, acuity, and a light sense of humor.

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