January 10 - March 16, 2013
“i was born in tulsa oklahoma in 1943.
when I was sixteen I started to shoot amphetamine.
i shot with my friends every day for three years.
once the needle goes in it never comes out.” - L.C.
Larry Clark, David Roper (Tulsa), 1963
"Larry Clark's photographs from “Tulsa” (1971) and “Teenage Lust” (1983) are quasi-autobiographical, gritty black and white images shot with a 35mm camera. What was and remains remarkable about the images (and books of the same name, published by Ralph Gibson) is Clark’s intimacy with his subjects. Clark has always had a remarkable ability to bond and gain the trust of characters in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, mostly youths engaged in violence and sexual activities. Now in his 70s, he has developed, in addition, a masterful ability to portray his own story through others. This knack sets Clark’s images apart from others who have also documented their personal surroundings. This is a sequence of images that has inspired a generation of documentary photographers and eventually led Clark to produce a series of films starting with “Kids” (1995) and continuing most recently with “Marfa Girl” (2012)." - ArtScene
Larry Clark, Billy Mann (Tulsa), 1967
Larry Clark, Untitled (Tulsa), 1971

Cohen Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of black and white photographs by Larry Clark from his two groundbreaking series Tulsa and Teenage Lust. Clark’s distinguished oeuvre is centered around themes of drug-use, sex, violence and youth culture, all of which are bound to the artist’s personal experience and fascination with these subjects.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1943 Clark began to photograph very early in his life. His seminal photographic series Tulsa and Teenage Lust are both deeply provocative bodies of work that define Clark as an adept documenter and active participator in drug-addled fringe culture. In addition to his photographic practice, Clark is a filmmaker who has made a number of critically acclaimed films including Kids (1995), Bully (2001) and Wassup Rockers (2006). Clark’s work is regularly cited as crucial inspiration for many photographers and filmmakers working today.

In the Viewing Room is a selection of medical photographs taken by a Midwestern doctor in the 1940’s. These intense images of human frailty thoroughly arrest ones attention.

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