March 27 - May 10, 2014

Opening: Thursday March 27th 7-9 pm

Ilse Bing, Antigone

Since the inception of photography, photographs have accorded artists, professionals and amateurs an invaluable tool to record personal likeness and identity. In the exhibition Portraits we explore the possibility that every photograph of a figure could be considered a portrait.

Presented in the exhibition are the four approaches of photographic portraiture: constructionist, candid, environmental, and creative.

High-lighted within the exhibition, a portrait of George Sand, taken by Nadar, a full-blooded image that reflects all the inherent values of what is now classic photography is a wonderful early example of constructionist portraiture.

On the contemporary side, Larry Clark’s portraits are proof that candid photography can feel informal and emotionally connected. True to Larry Clark’s nature there is an emotional connection where he assumes responsibility for his subjects.

Ilse Bing’s portraits of Untitled Boy with Rifle and Antigone use an environmental approach giving the viewer source information that is both historic and social about two children- a boy and a girl circa 1950, imparting a feeling of sexual stereotyping.

In a Creative Approach to portraiture, Edmund Teske, George Herms, and James Fee’s collaboration uses Duotone Polarization to manipulate the photographic medium, challenging the viewer to question what they are viewing and think.

Other artists included in this group exhibition include:

Roger Ballen
Ilse Bing
Stern Bramson
Larry Clark
Louis Faurer
Michael Garlington
John Gutmann
William Heick
Pieter Hugo
Peter Hujar
Siri Kaur
Douglas Kirkland
Inge Morath
Daido Moriyama
Ken Ohara
Mickey Palles
Luis Gonzalez Palma
Fredric Roberts
Joel-Peter Witkin

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